Learn Everything You Need to Know About What Criminal Lawyers Do

Every day, criminal defense attorneys work hard to secure the best possible results for their clients. We take great delight in catching the government breaching the rules and holding them accountable.

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The United States Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights. When the government fails to obey the rules, we will ensure that the government is held accountable.

Catching the government breaching the rules may result in the client’s charges being withdrawn or a substantially better plea bargain than they would have received otherwise. “Loose lips sink ships,” as the saying goes in the legal profession.

Police officers, the FBI, and jail guards will all act as if they are on your side. We advise all of our customers and everyone reading this site to utilize their right to remain silent. It will be highly beneficial to both you and your attorney!

Another right that criminal defense attorneys preserve is the right of our clients to be free of illegal searches and seizures. Believe me when I say that the government does this routinely. Finally, we protect persons by ensuring that the government presents evidence sufficient to fulfill the burden of proof required to convict someone of a crime.

We are there to make sure the judge and jury know if the government cannot establish its case beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that a guilty person may sometimes get away with a crime, but we believe it is preferable to let a guilty person walk than convicting an innocent person.

Finally, I explain to my clients that I am here to prove their innocence. While our criminal justice system presumes innocence until proven guilty, innocent people are charged with serious felonies and misdemeanors daily in West Michigan courts.

Criminal defense attorneys can assist clients in obtaining excellent results when they are innocent of the charges levied against them. This is accomplished by obtaining a not guilty verdict at trial or dismissing the charges.

Why Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Matter?

If safeguarding the innocent and ensuring that the government follows the rules isn’t enough, supplying our clients with powerful knowledge should be enough to solidify the value of criminal defense lawyers.

When you have a tough fighter on your side, you will gain vital insight into the steps you need to take to achieve the best possible results in your case. This knowledge comprises the following:

  • Why you should not speak with the cops
  • What are your charges?
  • What are the consequences of your charges?
  • What possible defenses might you have to the charges
  • Best plea bargains available for your case
  • If you are successful at trial

Finally, we safeguard our clients’ future. A client facing a drug charge may lose the legal right to drive. A drug charge might also prevent a person from receiving college financial help.

Keeping our clients from receiving a felony on their record allows them to preserve open career possibilities and various other benefits.

Pre-Trial Duties of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyers collaborate closely with their clients throughout a criminal case. Intelligent people hire a lawyer during the inquiry phase before a charge is even filed. If a cop calls you out of the blue, you should hire a lawyer immediately!

A lawyer can assist you in ensuring that you do not reveal any embarrassing information to the police officer. Think again if you are innocent and believe you can chat to a police officer investigating you for a crime!

We see far too many cases when someone who talks to a police officer because they have nothing to hide and “didn’t do it” is charged based on their conversation with law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers are highly trained personnel adept at distorting what you say to make you appear guilty to a prosecutor and jury.

At this pre-trial stage, a criminal defense lawyer can begin discussions with the prosecutor about why you should not be prosecuted and, if you are charged, why the charges should be less severe than what the officer and prosecutor believe is warranted only on a police report.

We make confident that the prosecutor has a complete picture of what happened before they decide to file charges. We understand that the prosecutor must prove probable cause, and we know how to correctly argue to a prosecutor why charges should be reduced or abandoned. You may be held pending your trial if you are arrested for a crime.

Criminal defense attorneys can make arguments before a court to allow you to post bond. The bond allows you to avoid incarceration while your case is being tried or resolved. In rare circumstances, our clients can obtain a personal recognizance bond. This implies you won’t have to pay anything to remain free during the trial. You have to guarantee the court that you will appear for future court sessions.

Tasks of a Criminal Defense Attorney: Trial

Does any sane person want to go to trial without representation? Going to trial without counsel ensures that you will be found guilty of a crime you did not commit. Your case will be examined and analyzed by criminal defense professionals. We will assess your case’s strengths and shortcomings.

We will provide you with excellent guidance on how to prepare for the trial. We will aid you in presenting your evidence clearly and concisely. We will inform you if your case is weak. If your case is weak, we will explain the advantages of accepting a plea bargain. If your trial does not go as planned, we can assist you in preparing appeals.

Why Is a Good Criminal Defense Attorney So Expensive?

As a five-star-rated criminal defense attorney, I try to keep my fees low. Reasonable does not imply inexpensively. Numerous factors influence how much an attorney will charge you. The elements are as follows:

  • How long the case will take.
  • How complex the matter is.
  • The gravity of the criminal charge.
  • How much legal expertise your lawyer has.
  • Is the lawyer recognized as an expert in this field of law?

Do not select an attorney who charges prices much cheaper than those quoted by other lawyers. In West Michigan, we had a lawyer who charged retainer fees of $50 down and $50 every month. This lawyer’s clients were dissatisfied with the service and results.

This lawyer was disbarred, which came as no surprise. Better Call Saul is an excellent program, but if your lawyer acts like him, you should flee immediately! Consider how much is at stake for you while facing criminal charges; the real issue you must ask is whether your freedom and reputation are worth the cost of hiring a lawyer.

If it is, be thankful that you can afford a good lawyer who will get you the most satisfactory results possible. Is a private attorney preferable to a court-appointed attorney? It’s difficult to say without knowing who your designated court attorney is. When you hire a court-appointed attorney, you are essentially gambling. There are some excellent court-appointed attorneys and public defenders.

There are also plenty who do lousy work. The key reason for this is the large number of cases they manage simultaneously. I only take on a few cases at a time. This implies that my clients will have ample time to achieve the most acceptable results possible.

I am never so swamped with cases that I have to shortchange my clients. Can you afford to gamble with a court-appointed lawyer, given how much is at stake for you in fighting criminal charges?

Last Thoughts

I hope this blog has answered any questions about what a criminal defense attorney does. As the blog has demonstrated, defense lawyers like myself are busy defending the constitution, protecting our clients’ rights, and ensuring that the government follows the rules.

And, yes, we do defend the innocent on occasion.

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